Some Kids I Taught and What They Taught Me

Authored by Kate Clanchy
Published by Picador

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Some Kids I Taught and What They Taught Me is a sincere and heartfelt reflection on what it’s like to be a teacher, interwoven with useful writing insights to take forward.

You may already know the author Kate Clanchy from the poetry anthology England: Poems from a School, now she brings you this beautifully honest representation of what it is like to be a teacher within the secondary sector. She visits a variety of different topics by telling the stories of the children she has taught.

This book is empowering for all who teach, and it should be on the reading list of any educational minister. Clanchy hits the nail on the head when she discusses the challenges we face in the profession and teaching the curriculum. As she navigates through her development as a teacher and a writer, she visits embarrassing incidents and successes. You see yourself in this book; you feel the love she has for her pupils and immediately relate.

Some Kids I Taught and What They Taught Me should have a place in the staff room in both primary and secondary schools. It discusses a wide variety of relationships and educational issues, with a significant focus on writing. It is, however, not an instructional handbook. Advice is drawn and gleaned from the unpicking of her teaching journey, and this is what makes it refreshing.