Sunday Rain

Authored by Rosie J. Pova
Illustrated by Amariah Rauscher
Published by Lanatana

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Sunday Rain: ‘When an inviting Sunday rain gathers the local kids to play in the puddles, Elliott longs to join in, but he’s too shy to go outside. Soon, Elliott discovers that new friendships are like a new book – you just have to plunge into the adventure.’

With themes of friendship and imagination, this is a lovely story of a child who has moved to a new area and is quite shy, making it tricky for him to make friends. When a storm occurs, it leaves puddles outside which inspire adventure with dragons and sailing!

At the start of the book, we see Elliott reading the book which will inspire the adventures which I thought was a lovely way to start the story – by reading inspiring reading! He wants to make some new friends but is really shy, which is definitely a topic that will be an excellent discussion point within a PSHE lesson. As well as this, it talks about moving to a new area which is often something that children can find difficult. By reading this book as a class, you can open up a conversation.

The imagination of the children would definitely inspire the same in the classroom, or with your own children. What might they create when they play with puddles? Alongside the story, there are some lovely illustrations that will really help to capture the engagement of the reader.

Sunday Rain would certainly promote a whole host of activities that are cross-curricular: PSHE discussions, geography involving weather and creative writing in English, just for example!

Published by Lantana who specialise in diverse and inclusive books.

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