The Bad Luck Lighthouse

Authored by Nicki Thornton
Published by Chicken House

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The Bad Luck Lighthouse is an exciting locked room mystery with a magical twist!

Goodness, this is gripping! While working at The Last Chance Hotel, young chef Seth Seppi became embroiled in a murder case. That book introduced the extraordinary world of MagiCon, the magical detective force. In this latest novel in Nicki Thornton’s atmospheric series, Seth follows Inspector Pewter to the sinister Snakesmouth Lighthouse, to investigate ghostly goings-on. Mistaken for the new kitchen boy, Seth soon stumbles across a dead body in the bathtub. It seems like murder… but the bathroom door was locked! Could there really be ghosts at work?

Fiendishly twisted, the story keeps readers fully engaged as we follow Seth’s investigations and try to keep up with the enigmatic Inspector Pewter. Seth’s lack of experience in both magic and detecting make him an ideal central character, with others taking the time to explain to him exactly what is going on. This means that despite the fast pace, a young reader is well able to keep up with the plot, despite the twists and turns.

A subplot about Seth’s background and abilities runs throughout the series. Having discovered that he might possess magic of his own, Seth does not find his first steps in spell casting easy. His talking cat is less than helpful, and his copy of The Beginner’s Guide to Really Easy-Peasy Magic turns out to be more challenging than he hoped. Perhaps it is not quite the right book for him? In a spellbinding scene in the magical library, the importance of placing the right book in the right hands is emphasised.

So, into which hands should you place this book? The Bad Luck Lighthouse is an ideal independent read or class novel for upper juniors, the strong characters, gripping mystery, magical detail and satisfying denouement will make it a hit with fans of Robin Stevens, as well as anyone who enjoys mystery and magic novels.

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