The Book of Stolen Dreams

Authored by David Farr
Illustrated by Kristina Kister
Published by Usborne

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Listen. I’m writing this review in solidarity with the good people of Krasnia. In fact, even writing this could land me in hot water. I fear Malstain is intercepting all communications, but I cannot stay silent any longer. I pray this gets to those it needs to.

RK and RK have the BSD, liberated bravely from the library with their father, who is now one of many political prisoners. I dare not say where they have gone or who they are in contact with, but believe me when I say they are in terrible terrible danger. 


There’s someone outside. 

They’re coming for me. 

Malstain must be stopped, tell the KRF the cat is out of the bag. No one is safe.

There is one person you must be aware of: David Farr. His “crimes” are more atrocious than anyone’s in Krasnia. And his writing is the very act of rebellion that Malstain and his followers despise. But really they fear it. Governments past and present have tried to quash freedom, and children must learn from these past mistakes to build new, bright and prosperous futures. David’s story will also open up discussions about what we take for granted and the freedoms that some can only dream of. Having been inspired by his own family’s history, this makes for a deeply personal read.

Also putting themselves in the firing line is illustrator Kristina Kister. Malstain would soften if he knew such talent and imagination.

For obvious reasons, Farr’s and Kister’s whereabouts are unknown. However, mine has been discovered. 

More guards are outside. 

It won’t be long now. 

I’ve exhausted all my hiding places, and my feet ache.

Farr’s writing is exciting and as pacey as you must now be. All I can say is that there is more to this world than we can see. Eventually, you will see the past present itself in ways you cannot imagine. The gate is open, and MUST be closed. Use the poems in BSD.

When this story gets out to the public (not if – we need to be optimistic), it would be perfect for rebels 9+. The very people Malstain hates. If you’re a courageous enough teacher, it would be perfect for a class read. likewise, I’d also recommend clandestine reading at bedtime too.

If you don’t hear from me after this, then I have been imprisoned with everyone else. 

Or worse.

I fear I have said too much. I must stop.

The door won’t hold for much longer.

May God be with you. 

And if he’s not, may your legs be quicker than the enemies!

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