The Boy in the Post

Authored by Holly Rivers
Published by Chicken House

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An exciting adventure turned mystery!

Orinthia, Seafra and Taber, the Shalloo siblings, get themselves jobs at the Mail Menagerie for the summer holidays. Meeting the boisterous Brock family, their incredible animails and helping to train a pair of pelicans is an unbelievable and wonderful summer adventure. Making fast friends and quickly finding their feet with the creatures, these siblings are as happy as they have ever been.

Mum always works late and barely sees them, or registers them, so the Shalloo siblings have no reservations about spending the summer out of their home. Desperate for more from their parent, the trio rely on each other for comfort, support and time. During a training session with the adult pelican, Taber sends it on its first overseas mission to New York. When the bird doesn’t return as expected, Taber is understandably upset and makes a bold decision.

Taber posts himself to New York to find Geronimo! Orinthia and Seafra know they must follow and their adventure becomes daring and courageous, especially once the entire world begins looking for them. Their adventure takes on all forms of transport with some brilliant characters met along the way- some who help and some who hinder!

I loved this adventure and the personalities of each character were so well written I could picture this great gang of children running wild in the village. There are so many ways you could enhance the class enjoyment of this book from philately and ways of travelling to the history of people who actually mailed themselves.

It would be a great link to recommending Around the World in Eighty Days and having the class plan their around the world journey- looking at timetables, modes of transport and timings. Not to mention the use of animals to fulfil other roles and jobs across history.