The Case Of The Missing Cake (Not an alphabet book).

Authored by Eoin McLaughlin
Illustrated by Marc Boutavant
Published by Walker Books

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Straightaway the Bear hooks you in. A travesty! A tragedy! A complete calamity! His cake has been stolen. Not just any cake – the world’s most completely-delicious, tongue-jinglingly, chocolaty cake has been…STOLEN!

As soon as you start reading, you are swept away into Bear’s world and his very sorry predicament. Even though the title states it’s not an alphabet book, it organically becomes one.

It is very reminiscent of We Are In A Book by Mo Willems and B.J Novak’s A Book With No Pictures. The text talks to the reader. It is exciting and joyful. Perfect for reading aloud or one to one. It lends itself to younger children, but the humour laced throughout means junior children can also enjoy this tale.