The Friendly Mammoth

Authored by Anna Terreros-Martin
Illustrated by Anna Terreros-Martin
Published by David Fickling Books

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Mansi heads to her local Museum and embarks on an adventure with a very friendly mammoth. The Friendly Mammoth by Anna Terrerors-Martin introduces the very young to prehistoric animals, animals that they may never have encountered before. In the story, the lone woolly mammoth is Mansi’s favourite exhibit at the museum. Towering above Mansi, the mammoth fills the room, standing as a lone attraction in a large gallery of framed pictures. The reader’s eyes are drawn, as are Mansi’s, to gaze upon this colossal beast. One stands alone trapped in the past, the other at the very start of her life. Mansi considers the beautiful animals that have roamed the earth. She decides to settle down with her crayons and sketchbook. Carefully she draws a friend for the mammoth.

Suddenly, they embark on a journey, way, way back in time to the ice age. How cold and snowy it is. Mansi discovers that ice-age children enjoyed drawing as well. She stares at the cave paintings which depicted the many animals roaming the earth. Animals that sadly no longer exist. On her journey, she meets a herd of mammoths and manages to make a friend.

Terrerors-Martin’s captivating picture book offers several layers to the reader – an engaging story, with a message of friendship. The book suggests that there are always others (possible friends) with similar interests. Importantly, The Friendly Mammoth conveys a message of caring for animals and their environments. A non-fiction double spread lends itself to a study of prehistoric animals such as Steppe bison, the Irish elk and the woolly rhinoceros. 

This book is perfect for primary classrooms and anyone whose favourite animal is a pre-historic mammoth.