The Hat Full of Secrets

Authored by Karl Newson
Illustrated by Wazza Pink
Published by Little Tiger Press

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So, what do you do when you bump into something that is so amazing and surprising but which is also a very very big secret? This has just happened to Henry Pepper, and he knows just the person to help him with his conundrum: Grandad. The trouble, however, is that Grandad’s advice is to keep this secret under his hat, and Henry doesn’t have a hat. This is not a problem for Grandad as he has many a hat that he can lend to Henry who chooses one that is rather large, dusty, and a bit worn around the edges: the perfect hat for keeping secrets. It is so perfect, that this, in fact, is the hat under which Grandad kept many of his secrets. As the secrets tumble out, Henry learns many astonishing things about his Grandad.

This story is a celebration of the relationship between children and their grandparents: it is written with a warmth and fondness for those fantastical stories that only grandparents can tell. The illustrations have more than a hint of the comic book, are vibrant and teeming with creative energy. They are the ideal accompaniment.

This delightful short chapter book is just perfect as a KS1 class read-aloud and for those readers who are steadily developing their reading independence.

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