The Lightbringers

Authored by Karin Celestine
Illustrated by Tamsin Rosewell
Published by Graffeg

The Lightbringers is a stunningly beautiful treasure trove of storytelling, science and nature.

In this recount of Welsh folklore, Mari Lwyd takes the reader on a different journey with each visit to this book. The reader may take a journey of tradition and storytelling to pass long winter nights. Or adventure with the carefully crafted felt creatures who adorn every page. These creatures follow the rhyme of the earth and her seasons, gathering the ever-diminishing light as the months progress. They guard the light of the summer during the cold winter months. As the earth sleeps the creatures gather the tiny sparks of light and store them in seed pods, waiting patiently for spring to come again.

As the earth turns and winter passes, the creatures of the woods come together in a grand procession to enable the light to return. Spring has sprung.

Every Spring if you ‘are quiet of heart’ and take the time to look very carefully you may spot the Riddle Horse, the Hare or Badger, bringing forth the light.

The Lightbringers would support topic lessons on Folklore or science lessons with a focus on seasons, flora and fauna and the winter solstice. Also, this book could support visual arts and animation teaching and learning.