The Little Fir Tree

Authored by Christopher Corr
Published by Frances Lincoln

The Little Fir Tree an absolutely treat; a beautiful retelling of the Hans Christian Andersen tale, of a tree who longs to see the world.

As its bigger brethren are chopped down and taken away to be turned into cabins and ships, the Little Fir Tree is riddled with jealousy. Then it is chosen to be taken into a home and decorated with tinsel and candles. It revels in its new and exciting role, but sadly it doesn’t last. Shut in a shed; the Little Fir Tree begins to miss its old life in the woods. It even misses the irritating hare which leapt over it regularly. Can it get back to the forest? Luckily the ending is not as brutal as Andersen’s original!

Children will love sharing this vibrant, bold book. The colour palette is so unusual, fluorescent in its brightness. There is so much to see on every page, and the woodland creatures are given huge personalities.

Although this is a seasonal tale, the message running through The Little Fir Tree holds for all the year-round. Enjoying the moment, being mindful of one’s present and feeling gratitude for the simple pleasures of nature are lessons we do well to heed no matter the time of year.