The Perfect Fit

Authored by Naomi Jones
Illustrated by James Jones
Published by Oxford University Press

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The Perfect Fit:

‘Where do I belong?’ thought Triangle. Is it with the Circles? Could it be with the Squares? Maybe with those lovely green Hexagons?

Sadly, Triangle is struggling to feel part of a group. Poor Triangle is desperately unhappy, she just can’t find her place in the world.

Join Triangle on her quest to find fellow Triangles. On her journey, she meets many different groups who try to include her but alas she still has a feeling that she just doesn’t belong. She calls upon the Stars to assist her in finding the Triangles. Fortunately, the Stars guide her on the right path to join shapes just like her.

Triangle has so much fun meeting the other shapes, as well as the Triangles. The playful experiences enrich her life and provide valuable learning, which influences her feelings of living just with the Triangles and no other shapes. Yes, Triangles are the perfect fit but difference was fun, difference was brilliant and difference was exciting.

The world is full of a variety of shapes. Whether a Triangle, Circle or Square, each shape needs to enjoy the space that they are in at that moment.

There are important messages for all children with The Perfect Fit whilst learning their shape names. This title would pair well with Steve Antony’s Green Lizards Vs Red Rectangles and the Blue Ball. Alternatively, it could work as a bridging text to a more complex story about belonging and difference, such as Duckling by Kamila Shamsie from the A Fairytale Revolution series .

You can read Naomi Jones’s blog post about this title here.
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