The Rapping Princess

Authored by Hannah Lee
Illustrated by Allen Fatimaharan
Published by Faber

The Rapping Princess is a celebratory fairy tale of difference and finding your own personal talent. The story features a group of princesses who enjoy singing. And unfortunately for poor Shiloh, the protagonist, they can all sing so very well. Shiloh feels that her voice is inadequate and totally inferior to the other princesses. She feels she is just not good enough at singing and therefore she is unable to ever join the other princesses when they sing together.

Shiloh’s disastrous singing leads her to the palace doctor, who confirms that there is nothing medically wrong with her. Next, she must visit the very best vocal coach in the Kingdom. Unlike all teachers in the land, the vocal coach states that ‘Talent can not be taught!’ All educators know that that is not true because every child has the potential to be amazingly brilliant when they set their minds on a task and practice.

This fairy tale features a supportive talking mirror that provides Shiloh with the necessary reassurances and encouragement.

Talent is sometimes discovered by accident. Fortunately for Shiloh, she discovers her talent when she hears some rapping princes who visit the palace one day. Rapping is not only about singing but also about the rhythm. Rhythm can be produced using your hands and your body as you feel the beat. At last, Shiloh thinks that she has found her place. Thankfully the magic mirror reminds Shiloh that sometimes she should consider different options and courageously step out of her comfort zone, even if it takes her on a different journey to her peers.

Hannah Lee’s picture book would make a great addition to libraries and primary classrooms. The Rapping Princess is a super rhyming tale that challenges gender stereotypes and celebrates difference.

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