The Spots and the Dots

Authored by Helen Baugh
Illustrated by Marion Deuchars
Published by Andersen Press Ltd

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The Spots and the Dots by Helen Baugh is ingenious, back to back, this picturebook introduces the concept of difference to young children.

Depending on which way you decide to read the book, the tribe living on the side of the hill will either be the Dots Tribe or the Spots Tribe. The offspring of each tribe are warned not to ever journey over the hill. That is the rule. This rule is drilled into the children, time after time. This message of fear has been passed down from generation to generation. Nobody knows exactly what would happen if they dared to venture over the hill. Their imaginations run wild – there may be a violent battle or they could be captured. Never to return to their own again!

Until one day when one tiny Dot (or Spot) found the courage to face their fears. Dot met Spot!

This book is an absolute gem for describing differences and the prejudices that are so often present in society. When all along we are the same; all belonging to one tribe – the human race.

The Spots and the Dots is great for exploring themes of race, refugees, and instances where a group of individuals has been labelled by others. Therefore, this book, along with titles such as Naomi Jones’s The Perfect Fit  provides or Steve Antony’s Green Lizards Vs Red Rectangles are perfect starters for Philosophy for Children (P4C) lessons or topic lessons on Human Rights and Racism.

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