The Time-Thief

Authored by Patience Agbabi
Published by Canongate

The Time-Thief is the second in a series written by Patience Agbabi. The Infinite, the first book, introduces the reader to Elle Bibi-Imbele Ifie, a Leapling. Children born on the 29th of February are known as Leaplings but some are born with The Gift- the ability to leap through time.

Elle is back for another leapling adventure.  Her honesty and loyalty will see her through most situations and she is learning to trust her gut when it comes to judging people and understanding them.  Best friend Ben, or BB is still alongside her working for the Infinites! This is where I would recommend having read The Infinite, as it will provide an ample amount of context, background and knowledge of the characters and all-important group, The Infinites.

The Time-Thief sees Elle on a class trip, where she will be reciting her own poem, when something eventful surprises everyone and immediately alerts Elle and Ben to their next case! When a priceless maritime sea glass is stolen right before their eyes, Elle knows she will do anything to get this glass back.  She must leap back to 1752 to meet the original owner of the glass. What she discovers is fascinating and truly adds to the mystery of the tale! Dealing with smells, people and society in 1752 will certainly be a challenge for someone with such sensitivities, and though it has its challenges, Elle has determination and justice on her side!

Patience Agbabi has created a series of time travelling mysteries with fantastic neuro-diverse characters, Leapling thieves and introductions to famous events and people from history. Any classes studying this series will have plenty of research opportunities and topics of discussion from slavery, changes in London through time and Dr Johnson! Perfect for Year 6!