The Young Designers: The adventures of Moose and Mr Brown

Authored by Paul Smith
Illustrated by Sam Usher
Published by Pavilion Books

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The cover is whimsical and immediately makes you want to pick it up, open the book, with lovely end papers, and get started on the story. The characters are all animals but dressed in human style clothing. The class are on a school visit to the workshop of a clothing designer. They are told to be on their very best behaviour. What on earth could go wrong?

Mr Brown the designer welcomes the youngsters to his workshop and after answering a barrage of questions his phone rings. He is called away on urgent business but leaves the students in the capable hands of his assistant Moose. As you will imagine chaos ensues, with Moose trying all sorts of adventures to keep the students focused. Elephant spilt red juice over one of Mr Brown’s white designer coats and skunk made a disgusting smell in the lift! However, all ends well when Mr Brown returns. He is not cross with the students and immediately finds a good use for the shrunk designer coat.

There is so much to see in this book. It has clear text, with a creative use of the page, sometimes portrait and sometimes landscape across a double spread, with lovely use of colour throughout. The image of Mr Brown’s workshop will have youngsters fascinated. There is so much detail to find in the workings of the machines. It is full of fun characters and lots of humour.

Sam Usher is a very renowned illustrator and his style really suits the text. Each page unfolds yet more detail. This book would be great for interested toddlers to see and talk about plus lots for the emerging readers as well. A great bedtime story and class reader although be prepared for lots of questions. Joyous.

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