This Rock, That Rock: Poems between you, me and the moon

Authored by Dom Conlon
Illustrated by Viviane Schwarz
Published by Troika Books Ltd

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This Rock, That Rock: Poems between you, me and the moon is an inspirational collection of poems centred around the moon and space by the highly talented Dom Conlon.

This text is a celebration of something we often take for granted. Inspired by the moon landings the book takes the reader on an exploration of the ‘Earth orbitor‘, our moon. The collection is filled with 50 poems to celebrate 50 years since the first moon landing in 1969. There is a wide variety of different types of poems; some which will make you laugh, or simply make you wish you were an astronaut!

This Rock, That Rock has a richness in its accessible writing and is accompanied by enjoyable illustrations. It offers different insights inspired by the great rock. It is used as a metaphor for breaking boundaries in ‘How to Reach the Moon‘, to cultural reflections in the poem ‘Native American Moons‘. There are Haikus and songs, poems that rhyme and those that don’t, in all of them the imagery is clear and will make you look at the moon differently and with great respect of what it can inspire. No ink was spared in Viviane Schwartz’s brilliant illustrations.

This book would be a valuable asset to any classroom, both in primary or secondary phases. As well as being a text that could accompany the topic of space, it will stand alone as a poetry book to read for pleasure or used as a poetry framework. It also offers an insight into what the author and illustrators were thinking during the creation. Sections at the rear of the book mention the poetic forms or inspiration behind the poems; it talks about how to write poetry. What is also refreshing is that there is also a discussion about the illustrations, something that often is not given its due worth. A valuable book on many counts.

Dom Conlon talks to Nikki Gamble In The Reading Corner


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