Top Marks for Murder

Authored by Robin Stevens
Published by Penguin Books

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Top Marks for Murder is the eighth murder mystery for Hazel and Daisy and the third that takes place at their school Deepdean.

In this story, the school is preparing for its fiftieth anniversary. There is a buzz of preparations in the school for the big weekend, which will welcome in the parents of the girls at the boarding school.

Amidst this preparation, the five girls in the Detective Society, Hazel, Daisy, Lavinia, Beanie and Kitty, are in their dormitory when Beanie witnesses a shocking incident in the woods nearby. From here the girls go into full investigation mode and with a murder on the premises the school becomes under threat of being closed for good.

The Murder Most Unladylike series of books by Robin Stevens features the adventures of young detectives Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong, who are pupils at Deepdean School for Girls.  Each story is a classic boarding school, murder mystery, ‘whodunnit’ story, set in the 1930s. The books have the feel of a quintessential Enid Blyton boarding school tale but with a great well-told Agatha Christie style plot.

For anyone who has read the first seven books, then Top Marks for Murder will be most welcome and will not disappoint. For anyone new to these books, it can be read as a standalone, and if enjoyed, you will have the joy of seven more to read!

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