Turtle Rescue

Authored by Jonny Marx
Illustrated by Xuan Le
Published by Little Tiger


 Turtle Rescue is an attractive picture book that is part story and part information book.

The opening page introduces you to Flora and Fauna, the worlds greatest explores (and their baby Bud). It follows their adventure to find the turtles who normally appear on the beach to lay their eggs but have not returned this year.

There is a central story running through this book which is used as a device to explore the issues of sea life conservation and plastic pollution. Interspersed through the story are non fiction elements which are equally as engaging. In the main these take the form of information boxes and labels in the illustrations.

This book is a hybrid. On one level it is a simple story of a family searching for some turtles, on another it is an information book packed with details about the ocean. The pictures are beautiful. Although storybook in style they still have enough detail to be accurate renderings of sea life. There are some really nice features to this book like the gorgeous fold-out centre pages and the holes in pages that allow illustrations to pop through from the other side.

There is lots of information about turtles and the ocean in this book although some of it is quite subtle. I could see this book working in different ways in a school. Like lots of good picture books it can be enjoyed by different ages. It would be a good book for adults to share with children at key stage 1 but it would also be a good book for key stage 2 children to enjoy more independently.

This would be a great addition to a school or class library.  It would work really well as part of a topic on the environment or the ocean. It covers some of the issues faced in an engaging way. A lot of the information can also be gleaned just by looking at the illustrations. Some of them are great discussion starters and have quite a lot of depth to them. The book also ends with a note of hope and highlights the recovery of turtles and whales.

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