Authored by Shoo Rayner
Illustrated by Shoo Rayner
Published by Firefly Press

Walker becomes a dog walker as he desperately wants a dog but isn’t allowed one as his mum is allergic to them; once he starts his new job he realises he can actually talk to dogs and they can talk to him!

This book is a great fun story with a bit of adventure and detective work thrown in as Walker also discovers that the owner of the dog he walks, Stella, is being bullied out of her home by Arlington, who is a local landowner, who lives in the big house at the edge of the village. Naturally, Walker investigates and as you can imagine, saves the day, exposes Arlington for the criminal he is, all with the help from the village dogs. How he does this, what kind of criminal Arlington is, what adventures Walker has along the way are very good reasons you should read this book, to find out. Walker is a great character and it’s a very believable plot that is paced really well.

This would be a great class read for a lower junior class and is a perfect book to have on the shelves in your classroom for those children in your class who are just becoming independent readers, who like stories with animals and adventure. It’s a great early chapter book.