We Planted a Pumpkin

Authored by Rob Ramsden
Illustrated by Rob Ramsden
Published by Scallywag Press

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We Planted a Pumpkin is the perfect book to explore with your EYFS class in the Autumn term. For those of us who managed to plant a pumpkin in time for Halloween, or for Harvest, this joyful recount of the growth of a pumpkin seed from Spring to Autumn is a super little read. Through exploring this book, the reader gets such a wonderful opportunity to explore and understand the world around them.

The narrative is told through the child’s voice crafted with a charming poetic structure. There’s a sumptuous simplicity to the language structure that the storyteller can enjoy and play with. Young children are also given some great moments of dialogue that they could reenact in any role-play opportunity. Rob Ramsden taps into the humour children love so well, with a play on the word ‘pumpkin’: ‘bumpkin’ and ‘plumpkin’. Again, all great fun to explore through play.

The author’s text is accentuated beautifully by the illustrations. The beautiful use of colour and simple collages of sketches are fun to explore. Children can discuss and investigate seasonal elements, such as the changes in insects.

As well as this, there is a wonderful sense of growing and timing, patience and commitment. A stunning book to aid understanding the cyclical nature of life and how everything needs everything else. A great way to explore the benefits of being with and tending to nature, seeing the fun and beauty in planting and growing.

We Planted a Pumpkin is a definite for every EYFS classroom and possibly a lovely way to start the year for a Reception class. Rob Ramsden has created two other titles in this format: I Saw a Bee and We Found a Seed.

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