What if, Pig?

Authored by Linzie Hunter
Published by Harper Collins

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Sometimes worries can feel overwhelming, but with a little help from your friends, everything can change.

In this delightful story we meet Pig and Mouse and a menagerie of other animals; Pig is kind-hearted, generous, yet despite being loved by all he is filled with worries. He wants to host a party for all of his friends but soon he is anxious about whether or not they will come, he thinks about all the things that could possibly go wrong and wants to hide away.  His friend Mouse and the rest of his friends plot a surprise as a way around his worries and to show him just how important Pig is to them.

What if Pig? is a story that many children will relate to, it highlights the little voice inside us all that makes us doubt whether or not we are good enough and makes us worry about all the little things that could go wrong. It shows that friendship is a wonderful thing and that we shouldn’t keep worries secret.

This book would fit well into any KS1/reception aged classroom and could be used as a base for conversations in PSHE/SMSC around feelings and worries. It could be enjoyed as a shared read or placed in a book corner for children to read and chat about together.

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