Woodland Magic, Fox Cub Rescue

Authored by Julie Sykes
Illustrated by Katy Riddell
Published by Piccadilly Press

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This is the first in a new series, a collaboration between Julie Sykes and Katy Riddell. In this book, we get introduced to the Keepers, a secret tribe of people who live in Whispering Woods. They come out at night to take care of the countryside, to rebuild, rewild, and repair it, especially after humans have been careless.

Cora and Jax are keen to become keepers but they need to prove themselves. They are given a task, a trial to become keepers in the Ruffin world, or human world. However, as with all great stories, something happens to distract them from their job and disaster strikes. Can they be trusted again?

This trial will not only test their abilites to be keepers but their friendship and the life of a young fox cub. With firm messages on the importance of caring for the environment and protecting our natural world, there is a handy guide to creating your own wildflower meadow at the back.

With just the right amount of magic sprinkled throughout this story, young readers will love meeting keepers and discovering this secret world hidden from sight from humans.

We are always looking for books for the 6-8 year old age range that offer them substance and charm within a brilliant story, and this ticks a lot of those boxes. I am especially pleased to see more planned in the series and would keenly try the activity at the back of each with a class of children.

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