Wundersmith : The Calling of Morrigan Crow

Authored by Jessica Townsend
Published by Orion Children's Books

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Morrigan Crow’s adventures continue with the sequel to Nevermoor, which was the winner of the Waterstones Children’s Younger Fiction Book Prize in 2018.

Having defeated her deadly curse and passed the dangerous trials, Morrigan Crow is now a member of the mystical Wundrous Society; part of Unit 919, which includes her best friend, Hawthorne Swift. But while her other unit brothers and sisters are enjoying an education ‘full of wunder’ and finding out how to use their ‘knacks’, all the Society want to teach Morrigan is how evil Wundersmiths like her are and that she must not under any circumstances embrace her power.

Meanwhile, in the city of Nevermoor, people have started to go missing, and there is suspicion and fear in the air. On top of that, someone is threatening to expose Morrigan’s true nature, and the unit is being blackmailed to keep her secret. Has Morrigan escaped her cursed life in Jackalfax only to find that the protection, friendship and belonging promised by the Wundrous Society is not available to a wundersmith like her? And what about Ezra Squall, who is promising to reveal the true nature of the wunder that she can feel within herself, but only if she follows him…

This book is an ideal read for all who like Harry Potter or the His Dark Materials trilogy.  It creates a fantasy world in which children can immerse themselves, and I liked the fact that the central character is a girl.

You don’t need to have read Nevermoor to enjoy this book, but I can imagine that lots of children were waiting for the next exciting instalment in the story of Morrigan Crow to be published! Wundersmith would be a great addition to any classroom.

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