Yes You Can, Cow!

Authored by Rashmi Sirdeshpande
Illustrated by Rikin Parekh
Published by Faber

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A refreshing reworking of Hey Diddle showing how anxiety can be overcome if you just try again.

Cow is anxious about jumping over the moon. She’s worried people will laugh at her if it goes wrong. The other characters of the much-loved nursery rhyme encourage and support cow as she builds up to the big finale. She starts small and with frequent ‘Yes you cans’ from her friends, her courage builds.

This picture book would be a lovely addition to any school library or KS1 book corner. It would lend itself beautifully to PSCHE lessons about self-belief and friendship. The colourful illustrations are also worth exploring. There is a lot to spot, particularly in the first couple of pages where the stage is in full focus and the children would be able to pick out the characters and objects such as script papers, directors chairs and costume rails. There is also a wealth of varying expressions to analyse. For example, when cow hides, how are the other characters feeling? How do their expressions show this? Children would be able to discuss how the cow feels at different parts of the story, how her expressions reflect this and how the other characters: the moon, the cat, the fiddle, the dog and the dish help support her.

I would thoroughly recommend this text. It is a picture book that it had me smiling from start to finish.

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