Zoom: Space Adventure

Authored by Susan Hayes
Illustrated by Susanna Rumiz
Published by whatonearthbooks

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Zoom: Space Adventure is a beautifully crafted, interactive book. The reader is given the immediate pleasure of fun engaging pages to play with. Couple this with a multitude of interesting facts about space and this book is onto a winner.

But that is not all.

This information storybook centres around ‘Ava’ a young girl of colour. She has decided to set out on her big space adventure accompanied by her cat. This adventure provides the reader with plenty of fun and interesting facts about space and space travel. What is more, the book launches the young reader into a journey through the themes of bravery, exploration, scientific discovery and challenging gender stereotypes.

Ava takes a ‘daring spacewalk’, ‘brings urgent supplies’, ‘collects samples for scientific experiments’, and ‘heads for Mars’. The enticing, courageous language is uplifting to read and would encourage even the most reluctant adventurer to brave the unknown.

The clear, bright illustrations by Susanna Rumiz and the text weave together beautifully. The language is simple in terms of direct information but varied and challenging in terms of word choice.

The expanse of scientific opportunity and discovery being explored throughout this information storybook does not shy away from a bit of magic with a wish being placed on a shooting star.

This book is perfect for any EYFS, KS1 classroom where the children and the teacher are enticed to explore further, open themselves to the greatness of scientific discovery and of course, where they never forget to look up!

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