16th April 2024

Dictionary of Dinosaurs

An illustrated nonfiction book about every dinosaur that’s ever been discovered.

20th June 2020

Homes Through History

18th July 2023

Lessons from Our Ancestors: Equality, Inclusivity and Sustainability in the Ancient World

Field archaeologist and TV presenter Raksha Dave gives readers an insight into a diverse range of unheard voices from the past in Lessons from Our Ancestors: Equality, Inclusivity and Sustainability i

20th September 2023

Live Like A Roman

An informative non fiction book filled with a plethora of facts presented in an accessible way about who the Romans were, where they came from and how we know.

26th March 2024

Luna Loves Gardening

A celebration of community gardens, diversity, and of the culture we have and should cherish.

18th January 2023

My Conversation with Jeremy Dronfield

Fritz and Kurt is a narrative nonfiction text for children set during the Holocaust. Roy's interview with author Jeremy Dronfield is fascinating and essential reading for educators.

12th June 2022

Once Upon a Big Idea: The Story of Inventions

9th August 2023

Operation Banana

Poignant, informative short text about a girl during WW2.

15th October 2022


25th September 2021


12th April 2022

Professor Wooford McPaw’s History of Cars

9th August 2023

Rescuing Titanic: A true story of quiet bravery in the North Atlantic

The story of the small ship that rescued the survivors of the sinking Titanic, bringing the drama to life in an excellent combination of narrative non-fiction and stunning illustration.