19th October 2020

Over the Line

4th May 2023

Please Write Soon

Please Write Soon is a touching illustrated story told through a series of letters between two Jewish cousins is inspired by Michael Rosen's father's cousin's experiences during the Second World War.

25th March 2024

Roman Soliders

A nonfiction book inviting us to discover the secrets of the ancient Roman Army through accessible text and colourful, lively illustrations.

18th April 2023

Rosie Raja Churchill’s Spy

Rosie Raja is a striking example of a wartime novel, with a more diverse setting and useful information about the huge role played by soldiers throughout the British Empire.

5th June 2023

Safiyyah’s War

A superb historical novel which tells the incredible, inspiring and little-known story of the role of the Grand Mosque in Paris in saving Jews during the Second World War as part of the French Resist

29th February 2024

Seven Million Sunflowers

Malcolm Duffy's poignant and sensitively written novel follows a year in Kat's life and the various challenges she and her family face after arriving from Ukriane in the UK.

8th October 2023

Sweet Skies

A gripping historical thriller set during a fascinating period of history set in Berlin in 1948 during the Berlin Blockade full of intrigue and double-crossing.

9th December 2018

The Day War Came

11th August 2019

The Garden of Lost Secrets

4th March 2024

The Girl Who Sang: A Holocaust Memoir of Hope and Survival

A moving story of Nadel's childhood as the youngest of five Jewish siblings growing up in rural Poland during the Second World War.

28th October 2020

The Little War Cat

1st December 2020

The Midnight Guardians