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The Great School Libraries Campaign

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Alison Tarrant and Mary-Rose Grieve talk to Nikki Gamble

The evidence that a school library supports children’s academic attainment and wellbeing is available for anyone interested to read it. And yet, it is not statutory in England for a school to have a library. The shocking reality is that the children in most need of a library are the least likely to have access to one. Alison and Mary-Rose make an eloquent case for school libraries to be statutory if we are serious about ‘levelling-up’ so that all children have the best opportunities.

00:00 Introduction

04:19 What arguments do we put forward for advocating for a school library?

11:58 What are the qualities of a good school library?

16:15 Librarians and library workers, are they valued?

21:15 A plan for development

24:00 The aim of the Great School Libraries Campaign

29:00 Teacher training

32:00 Do we have data from schools about why they do or do not have a library?

34:47 What can school leaders and teachers do to support the campaign?

39:40 How can the SLA practically support schools?

41:31 What can SLG offer schools?

43:10 Other matters.